About Killara

The Killara Foundation assists Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people to have sustainable employment by providing them with guidance, cultural understanding and housing while they work, or until they are ready to live independently.

What we do

We offer stability, skills and connection.

Stability because if you don’t have adequate housing, it’s hard to sit down and learn. If you don’t have adequate housing, it’s hard to rest and prepare yourself for a day’s work. If you don’t have adequate housing, it’s hard to create a stable and secure place in your community and hold down a job.

Skills because life skills are essential for being able to meet the challenges of everyday life, while work skills are essential for getting, keeping and being successful in a job.

Connection because the more an Indigenous person is connected to their culture, community and country, the more likely that Indigenous person will succeed and grow.

Three generations of aboriginal people standing over a laptop

Why we do it

Young aboriginal girls

We believe every Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander person is capable of achieving great things – all they need is belief in themselves and an opportunity. Killara provides that opportunity and belief.

Our people are genuine. We listen to and acknowledge the experience and views of others and treat everyone with dignity because we understand the importance of respect.

Belonging is one of our key values and while people may leave us Killara will never leave our people. We are always here.

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