We make it easy to introduce diversity and promote equality into organisations by providing the support and stability required for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to thrive in the corporate environment.


Cultural Awareness Training

What you can expect

In addition to helping organisations find diverse talent we are committed to promoting cultural awareness throughout the private and public sector.

A critical step in closing the gap is connection and understanding through cultural awareness. We provide both physical and virtual training programs tailored to any organisations. Contact us to find out more.

Who it is for

Cultural awareness is beneficial for any person or organisation. We run training workshops for the public and private sectors including schools and universities.

If your organisations wants to encourage equality and inclusion amongst peers and as part of its culture then talk to us today.

Year 13

School teaches children and young adults critical skills but often times there is a gap between leaving school and entering the "real world" which can leave teenagers vulnerable and uncertain.

We help young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders bridge the gap and get prepped for post-school life.

The Killara Year 13 Program is an ecosystem that sparks Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Young People to chase their dreams to change the world.  The program is all about raising Indigenous voices by young people together, unleashing their strength and creativity with a thirst for lifelong learning and curiosity.


On Country Experiences

What you can expect

Learning about Indigenous cultures is important but experiencing it is entirely different.

On country experiences immerse people in the practises of a culture so that they can truly understand and appreciate the significance, energy and beauty of a life and perspective unlike their own.

Build real connections through an on country experience - contact us to find out more.

Who it is for

These experiences are suitable to any group seeking to gain a better understanding of Indigenous culture.

Private and public organisations including schools gain immense value from these tours and we highly recommend talking to us about the different options available.

Recruiting for a role and value diversity?

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