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Founder, Kyle Vander-Kuyp OLY

Kyle is a proud Yuin and Worimi man from the south and north coasts of New South Wales. He is a 12-time national hurdles champion (including eight times consecutively), an Australian record holder in the 110m and 60m hurdles events, and has competed at two Olympic Games, four World Championships and four Commonwealth Games.

Since retiring from athletics, Kyle has been a strong advocate of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island peoples and Culture, serving as an Indigenous Ambassador for a variety of private, public and sporting organisations. He travels extensively to promote the ambition and self-esteem of First Peoples in Australia and is passionate about providing mentorship, experience and new opportunities for young people.

Kyle's Story

When Kyle was just five weeks old, he was adopted and raised by non-Indigenous parents Pat and Ben Vander-Kuyp and grew up largely disconnected from Culture.

Kyle's journey to reconnecting with Culture and Community is an inspiring one, and guides the important work that he has, and continues to do for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Despite it's challenges, one thing that has stuck with Kyle has been the counsel he received in his youth from a Wurundjeri elder who told him: “Being Aboriginal is something you’ll feel on the inside. You just trust it.”


Read more about Kyle's story below. 




Level 1, 90 Collins Street, Naarm (Melbourne), VIC 3000


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