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Killara Foundation

Our Organisation

The Killara Foundation assists Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples to have sustainable employment by providing guidance, cultural understanding and housing while individuals work, or are ready to live independently.


We work closely with key partners in the private, public, and Non-for-Profit sectors to promote cultural awareness, diversity, and inclusion within the community.


Killara facilitates a wide range of support services that address disadvantages experienced by Indigenous men, women, and children. Focused on providing stability, skills, and connection, our Life Skills Coaches and Program Leaders build lasting relationships with the people we engage with. 

Our Mission

We believe every Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander person is capable of achieving great things – all they need is belief in themselves and an opportunity. Killara provides that opportunity and belief.

Our people are genuine. We listen to and acknowledge the experience and views of others and treat everyone with dignity because we understand the importance of respect.

Belonging is one of our key values and while people may leave us Killara will never leave our people. We are always here.

Get to Know Our Story

Read more about our Founder Kyle Vander-Kuyp, and his vision to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young peoples.


Level 1, 90 Collins Street,

Naarm (Melbourne), VIC 3000


(03) 9103 1464



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